An interpretation of White Shoes and the Couples Company song titled “Sabda Alam” for Konser di Cikini Postcard Exhibition.

An interpretation of Max Havelaar Song titled “Tetap Berdiri Tegak”.

For ELLE Indonesia Anniversary Issue, April 2015.

Objek, desain, dan karya dalam medium apapun dilahirkan setiap detik tanpa berhenti namun hanya beberapa yang akan diingat dan dicatat sebagai sejarah. Tidak ada rumus pasti namun jika ditelusuri satu-persatu benang merah dari Marilyn Monroe, Bocca Lip Sofa, dan kalung mutiara adalah kelahiran sosok mereka didasari oleh rasa, “I make only what I feel. Especially if it feels like home.

For ELLE Decoration Indonesia Anniversary Issue, April 2015.





Indonesian women in general haven’t realize the ownership of their body and thought. Most of them make the biggest decision in life such as marriage and pregnancy by the tradition and stigma that live in society. In the other hand, feminist movement in Indonesia are mostly extremely stubborn and superior. They often underestimate other women who don’t share similar principle as them. In my opinion feminism is women’s and men’s issue, it supposed to be a dialogue, tolerance, and flexibility.

Written by Lala Bohang

This time I became a writer and not a haphazard writer. My book is never wasted sitting in the back of the shelf to become dusty and forgotten. My work has always been at the top of a large table at the front of entrance, bathed in light, ready to welcome visitor accompanied by a large promotional posters and flashy. The books I create is like convenience stores you can find love, religion, motivation, economy, health, beauty, mystical, and any desired by the reader. The most matter for me is the book become a door to anywhere which brings me to the popularity, comfort, and forms of life that I never imagines before.

The Book of Questions

The word “Why?” Will always be a favorite. Because it always appears behind the shock of understanding and thinking unexpected. This work was also born from a similar way, from the list of questions:

“Why is the book “The Book of Answers” became a phenomenon?”
“Why do humans always thirsty for an answer?”
“Why can not find answers in life itself?”

Departing from the above questions I invite you to play and wonder to yourself, about the beliefs, feelings, and take the option to eventually find the answer at this time most suitable for you.

un·eas·y (n-z)

adj.un·eas·i·er, un·eas·i·est

1. Lacking a sense of security; anxious or apprehensive.
2. Affording no ease or reassurance.
3. Not conducive to rest.

An artwork for “Tribute to Dara Puspita” project, a collaboration with Ruru Shop x Empat Lima.

Secara visual saya ingin mengangkat kembali kesederhanaan ilustrasi dan gambaran keseharian dari buku-buku pelajaran di tahun 90-an. Secara pemaknaan hari libur kini lebih identik dengan menghabiskan waktu untuk jalan-jalan ke luar kota atau ke luar negeri. Banyak yang lupa identitas libur adalah sesederhana mengistirahatkan raga dan rasa, sekaligus untuk momen bersama dengan orang-orang yang disayang. Bukan sekedar aktivitas jalan-jalan dengan nilai konsumsi yang tinggi.

Illustration for TH!NGS Magz issue 06 vol. 01 cover.

Foto: Fryzapp

Illustration for a tote bag project.

Official merchandise for Joyland Festival 2014