Written by Lala Bohang & The Book of Questions | 2014

Written by Lala Bohang

This time I became a writer and not a haphazard writer. My book is never wasted sitting in the back of the shelf to become dusty and forgotten. My work has always been at the top of a large table at the front of entrance, bathed in light, ready to welcome visitor accompanied by a large promotional posters and flashy. The books I create is like convenience stores you can find love, religion, motivation, economy, health, beauty, mystical, and any desired by the reader. The most matter for me is the book become a door to anywhere which brings me to the popularity, comfort, and forms of life that I never imagines before.

The Book of Questions

The word “Why?” Will always be a favorite. Because it always appears behind the shock of understanding and thinking unexpected. This work was also born from a similar way, from the list of questions:

“Why is the book “The Book of Answers” became a phenomenon?”
“Why do humans always thirsty for an answer?”
“Why can not find answers in life itself?”

Departing from the above questions I invite you to play and wonder to yourself, about the beliefs, feelings, and take the option to eventually find the answer at this time most suitable for you.

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