Gendis | 2013

Gendis: The Chapter when She Seeks for Her Inner Self

I. A Place where Time is Irrelevant

This is a story about a girl who live in a little corner of the world at the end of the rainbow. The world is nothing but contrary. There is no such thing as seven colors and hundred hues. The color of the rainbow shines all the way through human’s world, across the human’s blue sky, and at the end of it– there is nothing but black and white.

She chose to stay at the edge of the world for she is an impatient little girl. She wanted to know how things end and what will be found at the end of everything. Being at the end of it all, she feels like she doesn’t need to prepare for the next move. She owns her time all by herself.

With all the time in the world, this girl enjoys her solitude like no one else. She makes the most of it. She can spend days after days, year after year doing all the thing she enjoys all by herself; seize every moment for pure joy. But, in her world there is no such thing as days or years or minutes or hours. She lives in a place when time is irrelevant. Her life is marked by phases and chapters; just like a storybook!

She doesn’t dream because she is dream herself. Her name, Gendis; is what they call sugar in the human land far far away. She is, of course, a very sweet girl.

Gendis’ world revolves around her. It has its own will and one purpose to always make Gendis happy, to put a smile in her heart, and to always bring delightful surprises. There are times when Gendis wants to go for an adventure on a hot air balloon and her world would open its zip and there goes a balloon. There also a time when the sun is too hot and the trees around her decided to follow wherever she walks to keep her comfortable under the shade.

This is a kind of world where everything is possible.

II. The Solitary Life of a Girl who Never Actually Alone

Of course she is happy! Why wouldn’t she?

True, she lives a solitary life; but, she is never lonely. After all she always has Ibu Ikan and Pak Kucing to be by her side. Ibu Ikan(1) is a very wise fish with all ear and heart for Gendis’ story. Pak Kucing are all those cats friend of her. Pak Kucing are so many she lost count of them. Their number added and lessen each now and then; but, there always at least one to stay by her side. Pak Kucing are full of love and very independent at the same time. They need each other but never depend on one another to the point where it’s disturbing.

They both are Gendis’ dearest friends. Gendis adores them for their silent. Those cats can mew, but only as soft as a hush or a breeze. With all the music and loud conversations going on in her head, she needs her world to be silent and still.

The chairs, the tables, the bed, and everything else in Gendis’ house have a heart, free will, and strong legs to keep moving. Just like Gendis, her moving house also likes to travel up to the sky and down the deep sea. Nobody force them to stay where they are. They are there because they want to– not because they have to. Sometime, some of them get exhausted standing and prefer to lay down on the floor. Sometime, they need a breath of fresh air and start embracing the nature in many ways.

Their mantra is, “Stay because I want to. Do because I want to. Move because I want to. Not because I have to”.

III. That Pinch that Leaves a Trace of Melancholy in a Part of Her Heart She Never Knew Existed

This is where this part of the story started.

Once upon a time, some tables decided to leave the house and not planning to return. It was unlikely. Yes, they all have their own right to come and go as they please. But, they always live a harmonious life before. Somehow, Gendis knew there is something different this time. It was as if she would never see them again. It was her first lost.

There goes a pinch that leaves a trace of melancholy in a part of her heart she never knew existed.

There was a part of her heart that crack when those tables left. Her world is so silent and still that the cracking sound of it can be heard clearly from the other room. Ibu Ikan knows that it will be a long phase of listening ahead of her.

She was so consumed by the thought of being left behind; consumed by the fear of losing something she never actually own. She forgot that while she was busy counting her loss and healing the bruises, there are other tables and the rest of her friends who stay.
Time after time she spend trying to find the logic. She spends even more time talking to Ibu Ikan. Time flows in a mysterious way that the first pain she felt start to distort. She gets busy, but not like the grown ups kind of busy that distract them from their feeling. It is not the kind of busy that makes people numb. She starts getting her hand full of all the fun things she could think of, contemplate, spending more time with those who stay, and let time does the magic. Gendis’ kind of busy is what allows her to find herself, read her own mind, and meet her inner self.

“It’s alright..”, it says.

IV. That Moment when She Met the Daydreamer from Lalaland

It was a moment of peace and fun and adventure for Gendis. The first pain of losing the tables she never actually own is long behind her. She is ready to rejoin the world and she ask for a balloon ride to a place far far away.

Up, up, and away she goes.

The scenery excite her, the breeze softly touch her blushing cheek, by the time she starts to feel bored, she starts to read. Then, she falls asleep. Drifted by the wind to the Lalaland. To the land where human lives.

By the time she wakes up, she was surrounded by more people than she could ever imagine. She never met a single soul before, aside from Ibu Ikan and Pak Kucing. These people, twice her size; are busy walking carrying their suitcases, briskly running with their dogs, and loudly chattering laughing singing things she doesn’t understand. The human world– the Lalaland, is too loud for her. She feels exhausted and lost, she starts to fade away.

It was just in time for a Daydreamer(2) to find Gendis. In that crowd, she was the only one who notice that lost little girl, looking like she almost fades away. The Daydreamer bend her knees to get to talk to her better. She takes her to a place away from the crowd so she could listen to her sweet tinkling voice. She said to her, “It’s alright”, and bring her back to the balloon– back to the end of the rainbow.

The Daydreamer.. it was her who tells Gendis’ story and introduce her to us human.

V. After Gendis Left on Her Balloon to That Moving House at the End of the Rainbow.

At first, the Daydreamer though it was her who saved Gendis. Yet again, it was the other way around. By the time she met the little lost soul, she was lost herself– stuck in the numbness a routines can cause. She almost forget how to embrace her inner self. All the stories Gendis told her about her world was the one that stop her from doing what she must and start doing what she desire

That is how this story is written and those pictures are made(3).


(1) Lala is a dedicated Pisces. Chances are.. she pictures herself as Ibu Ikan in her drawing. She’s always there all ear for Gendis.. just like Gendis always there for her. Ibu Ikan can not speak and she doesn’t need to. sometime, Gendis just needs to let it all out, to be listened, and she knows that everything will be alright.

(2) The Daydreamer is me, and Lala, and all of you who will do all the trouble of bending in your knees to get to talk to Gendis better and embrace the little soul.

(3) Lala Bohang met Gendis when she was looking for her true self, a phase Gendis went through a while ago. Gendis was there for her. They both enjoys their solitude. They both are romantic by heart and they made a very good friend who completes each other. Gendis makes lala feel calmer, happier, and laid back. Lala become Gendis’ first human friend.  When Lala met her, she was heartbroken. It was 2009 in human’s world. On the contrary, it was a phase full of love in Gendis’ world. Gendis was all in peace with herself and met her soulmate, Rama. The time is later known as the chapter of Rama and Gendis. Later, Lala tells the whole story of Gendis in pictures, chapter by chapter. This is the first chapter when Gendis is searching for her true self in her solitary world.

(Mira Asriningtyas, a daydreamer)

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